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On Schools and Students, Whitmer and Trump Offer Different Visions

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:7 Feb 2020

There are busy weeks for education reform in Lansing, and then there are these last two weeks. In just the last 10 days, voters have watched: Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivered her State of the State address calling on educators to

Education and the State of the State

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:29 Jan 2020

Today, Governor Whitmer will offer her second State of the State address. Last year she made vast promises but struggled to deliver – in particular for our students. We witnessed her veto funding to some of Michigan’s most vulnerable kids,

Parents Pray SCOTUS Ends Religious Discrimination in Education

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:20 Jan 2020

The Supreme Court of the United States this week will take up a case with the potential to rewrite the school choice landscape across the nation. The case, Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, has parents taking aim at anti-Catholic

New Year, Same Critical Focus – Education is about the Kids

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:8 Jan 2020

A new year is here, and with it a new set of challenges and opportunities to improve Michigan’s education policy and outcomes for our kids. While the legislature and policymakers make their way back to the state Capitol, GLEP is

Union Exodus Signals a Sea Change as Teachers Take Control

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:16 Dec 2019

When public schools empower great public school teachers to put their students first, not the education bureaucracy or the local political boss, amazing things happen. According to striking new data from the Michigan Department of Education and reports filed by

The Coming Battle for Our Kids’ Future: Mastery vs Seat Time

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:3 Dec 2019

What’s more important for our kids – mastering skills and subject matter, or simply accumulating time spent sitting in a classroom?   The answer may be obvious, but the question is at the center of a long-raging debate among education

No More Excuses

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:20 Nov 2019

State law required the Michigan Department of Education to publish A-F letter grades for each of the state’s public school buildings by September 1, 2019. They said it couldn’t be done. They said the earliest anyone could generate these report

The Fight to Overturn Whitmer’s School Cuts Is Just Starting

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:6 Nov 2019

November is National Scholarship Month and on the heels of a devastating public school funding cut from the Governor, it couldn’t come at a better time for Michigan’s kids. While officials in Detroit unveil sweeping new scholarship opportunities, the fight

The School Choice Landscape May Soon Be Rocked to Foundation

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:21 Oct 2019

The tectonic plates under Michigan’s school choice landscape may be shifting, with school choice reality as we know it ready to shift. The United States Supreme Court recently announced their intention to hear oral arguments in a case called Espinoza

Whitmer Slashes Funding for Most Public School Students in Detroit, Minority Students

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:7 Oct 2019

Governor Gretchen Whitmer last week wielded her veto pen as a vicious weapon against kids in Detroit and the public school teachers who dedicate their lives to educate them. The Governor last Monday callously slashed $240 in annual per-pupil funding