Promote 529s that Cover K-12 Education, Invest in Michigan Schools

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:4 Sep 2019

The summer is now squarely in the rearview mirror and schools everywhere are back in session.  For parents, it can be a relief getting the kids back to class – and getting all of those back-to-school preparations knocked off the

State Dept. of Ed Brags: ‘We’re Breaking the Law!’

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:19 Aug 2019

New teachers, exciting classrooms, fresh school supplies.  Students across Michigan have already begun heading back to school!  It’s an exciting time of year for students, teachers and parents. Unfortunately, parents who’ve been counting on action this summer from the Michigan

New State Superintendent Takes Job, Up to 3 Off-Days Per Week

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:5 Aug 2019

At GLEP, we are fighting to give students innovative options in the classroom, our great public school teachers the resources they need, and voters the accountability from state policymakers they deserve. To that end, we hope you’ll join us raising

Incoming Superintendent Michael Rice Should Refuse, Return Gold-Plated Benefits Package

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:31 Jul 2019

GLEP: Incoming Superintendent Michael Rice Should Refuse, Return Gold-Plated Benefits Package State Board Offers Rice 66 Paid Days Off in 2019, More than 5 Times Number Given Most Public School Teachers LANSING—Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Beth DeShone today

Welcome to ChangeEd

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:26 Jul 2019

Welcome to changeEd, the new regular newsletter of the Great Lakes Education Project. At GLEP, we are laser focused on delivering results for Michigan students. That means innovating at the state Capitol and in school districts across Michigan to boost student

Parents are counting on A-F School Grades, state must deliver

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:25 Jul 2019

This column originally appeared in the Midland Daily News. While lawmakers wrap up their summers, they and their staffs are constructing the reforms and priorities that will dominate their discussions once they return to Lansing. Ensuring parents get report cards

Appalling: State Board of Education Blocks $47 Million Obama-Era Grant for Public School Text Books, Classroom Equipment, School Programs

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:29 May 2019

Board Votes to Block Funds Already Secured by Michigan Department of Ed, Approved by State Lawmakers LANSING—In an appalling attack on Michigan teachers and their students, the Michigan State Board of Education last week voted to block a $47-plus million

Governor Whitmer will fail students

Posted by:bcarney Posted On:7 Mar 2019

Elimination of the state’s early literacy law will be a detriment to Michigan students LANSING, MI – The Great Lakes Education Project Advocacy Director Beth DeShone today issued the following statement on Governor Whitmer’s call to eliminate the state’s 3rd grade

GLEP Endorses in 70 Races for 2018 House and Senate Districts

Posted by:bcarney Posted On:20 Jun 2018

Leading education advocacy group makes campaign endorsements Lansing, MI – The Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) today announced endorsements for candidates in 70 races for the Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate in 2018. This includes 34 incumbent endorsements.

Jim Barrett Statement

Posted by:bdeshone Posted On:7 Mar 2017

March 7, 2017 – Effective today, Gary Naeyaert has resigned his position as Executive Director. GLEP appreciates his nearly four years of leadership and passionate advocacy for school choice, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. –