“Freeze” Kids in Schools? No.

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:4 Aug 2020

Superintendent Michael Rice last week told members of the Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee that lawmakers should “freeze” students in schools, even those that refuse to open or to meet their unique educational needs this fall, in order to

GLEP: Parents and Teachers Deserve an Answer from Whitmer

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:28 Jul 2020

GLEP: Parents and Teachers Deserve an Answer from Whitmer Superintendent Michael Rice says that schools should freeze enrollment LANSING – Great Lakes Education Project Executive Director Beth DeShone today is asking on Governor Whitmer, and legislative Democrats, to answer for

Doctors, scientists, research and data: Get kids back in the classroom

Posted by:cpickford Posted On:27 Jul 2020

This column originally appeared in the Midland Daily News. Classrooms should be open this fall for kids whose parents are comfortable sending them back to school. There’s nothing political about it. It’s the conclusion of researchers and doctors, pediatricians and